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Directors At-Large - please submit to us your personal view of what your job actually entails, along with what you've to work well and what you've found doesn't work. Post here if you would like it to be public. Or email me directly via if you would prefer to keep it anonymous.
#1 - November 19, 2018, 01:11:26 AM

When I announced my running for this position, I was asked this same question. My response then was,

1) Oversee efforts to recruit new members. Oversee and assist in affiliating new counties. Assist new and currently established affiliates. Help with local and regional campaigns.

2) Act as a chain-of-command for the LPF to maintain a level of contact with said recruits, members, and affiliates to better streamline communication and regional efforts.

3) Assist the other Directors-At-Large with State-wide efforts with the same premise.

An officer on the EC at that time also pointed out correctly that the LPF is a corporation and the directors fill the typical responsibilities of a non-profit corporation's directors. At Large directors would be working toward the overall health of the organization, including being a conduit between the regional persons and the vice chair and other executive committee members. They would also be representatives for the voters and members at large whether or not members of a local affiliate.

So. Here we are 11 months removed from that conversation. I am 2 months shy of one year into my first term. In a few days I will present my 10th consecutive report to the EC. It will focus on these attributes and more.

So much more.

A State Party Director is the most versatile position in the LPF. Individuals who fill these ranks have a wide variety of options available to them for how they will serve. But what do the delegates want to see?

In my experience, a Director At-Large is the glue that holds the organization together. Whereas Regional Representatives are charged with limiting their prime focus (and rightly so) to the Counties within their region lines, the At-Large is responsible for the entire State. Every Party member, affiliated or otherwise, has a voice in a Director. Naturally we would want to check on the health of our own affiliates. Naturally, we would also want to check on the individual. Naturally, we would want a scope on the organization as a whole. This also puts a padded cushion on Region Reps, who may not otherwise be able to fill their own duties the entire 12 months of their term. Directors should ensure that no Region goes barren for lack of engagement.

The Directors have the ability to ensue our various Committees are functioning to the best of their abilities. As our Party grows, I foresee more positions under the oversight of the EC, more volunteers, more moving parts. It's too much for one person, that person traditionally being the Vice-Chair. Directors, possessing a vested interest in the whole State, should play a role in assisting the Vice-Chair with these duties. Divide the responsibility amongst the 4; the VC, and the 3 At-Large.

Campaigns. Especially during an election year, Directors should oversee, again, the health of the organization and volunteer where they can to assist candidates. Where I like to present myself personally in a boots-on-the-ground way of service, I would hope that at minimum, this position would coordinate with those running and aid where and how they can.

Oversight. The At-Large has the unique pleasure of not only representing the EC to the entire State, but the whole Floridian Libertarian population to the EC. As such, it is imparative we have people in these roles who will look out for the good of the whole thing, and not just the simple majority of regions needed to pass a motion.

Transparency. The Directors have a responsibility to make their actions and that of the EC readily available to the delegates. I have shown a good example of this with my time-stamping of the EC calls.

Activism. This is what I brought to the table at Ft. Walton Beach. I am a sucker for activism in the community. Government meetings, local events, get your Party's name out there.

Finally (and I will probably add more), a Director is to be the model role on the EC. The Chair is the leader. The Vice-Chair acts in his place. Treasurer protects the money and the Secretary protects the minutes. Region Reps protect their respective regions.

But the Director, the Director protects the Party.
#2 - December 12, 2018, 10:54:23 PM

Well said
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