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Secretary Report - November 2018

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I was able to participate a lot more in committees this month - Happy to see the Rules committee members being more responsive in Discord and a lot more discussion happening there. We are working on the question referred to the Rules committee by the concerned Broward member regarding EC positions and whether or not some are legitimate. Was finally able to get involved in the Affiliate Support Committee and attended one of their meetings - I was super impressed by the work they are doing, Greg Peele is an exceptional committee chair and I think the guide the committee is working on is going to be extremely helpful to incoming affiliates and their officers. Got a chance to speak to Mike Avi , incoming membership chair, and I expect him and I will be working a lot together in the coming months to fix some of the issues that he has identified.
A lot going on in my region not related to Secretary duties - we have 2 new elected officials in local positions.
Worked on the Agenda/Minutes and other basic Secretary duties.
Hoping to have a meeting in the very near future that includes Suzanne Gilmore, Mike Avi, Chaz Sanders, and possibly others, to figure out how we are going to be handling whatever new database we will be implementing to keep track of membership and other data.
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Thank you
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