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October 2018 Report - Region 5

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Good evening everyone:

Since I will not be on the call tonight, this will serve as our report for Region 5.

Elected new Secretary (Chris), however, I have not received a report or check in from that affiliate yet. Will amend as soon as I do.
They have continued building their presence with monthly socials.
New secretary for Duval is Chris Smelick. Q3 report completed and turned in on time to the SOE. Monthly socials are averaging 12-15 ppl as a turnout (not including affiliate EC), per DL the vice chair.

Ken Willey spearheaded the booth at the Orange Park Fall Festival - I requested a paragraph just outlining the event and how he felt that it went with our presence there. According to a few others, it was a nice festival and with warmer weather, a good turnout. Will hope to translate this into more interest in the Clay LP affiliate and its happenings.

St. Johns/Baker/Nassau:

Nothing new to report; we have posts on the FB page and a few new likes from people. I will follow up and report back end of month, too.

Clay elections:
I was elected to Seat 5 of the Clay Soil and Water Board in Clay County. I beat Richard Russell, who had served two previous terms. I did have emails from local voters regarding what my agenda or plans were, and I responded honestly and accordingly. I do admit that I am running before learning to walk, if that makes sense. I will meet with their current Chair soon to get caught up with issues/agenda and see what I can do to help.
I did read and process the doc posted and emailed from Ms. Garcia: I agree that having an alphabetical advantage would make an impact on the final voting. But then again, if the incumbent was listed first, he would have the same advantage for those who are unsure of what the Soil and Water Conservation Boards do (or what they are)... isn't it a double standard then for that statement? Even if we ask the SOE to list incumbent first, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot perhaps, too.
That being said, I did not think I was going to win anyway - but I did, so I will use this as a stop before moving forward with a partisan position later.

Many thanks,
Michael Cassidy
Region 5 Representative
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Thank you
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