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November 2018 Report

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LPF Communications Committee Report - November 2018

  • Created “Election Results” page for all (known) First Step Candidates on
  • Bought and coded a new interactive Florida map for the new LPF Affiliates page on
  • Have decided to just start from scratch and create a fresh, up-to-date email mailing list on MailChimp. Will be transferring all material/contacts from MailJet to MailChimp, then closing out our account with MailJet. Will then attempt to go through our data and see if I can recover a few thousand from the “old” email contacts in MailJet. See previous report if you are not familiar with the problem(s)
  • Have been in contact with Tony Sellers, Char-Lez Braden, and Derek Hyde on continued efforts to back-up our AWS databases. Still in the process.
  • Working with LPF social media team to keep reach very high while minimizing meme-regurgitation
  • Press Team was able to release a summary of our successful election results here: - have been on constant contact with J. Mark Barfield and others to include all candidates
  • Renewed our yearly email service contract with GoDaddy
  • Created new subdomain and designed new affiliate logo for Okaloosa County
  • Sent an email to Andy Burns, saying we are seriously considering onboarding with the LP National’s CRM program and asked how we can get started with the process

  • Continue AWS backup efforts and hopefully complete the project by next month so we no longer have to pay for the AWS server. Will be working with Tony Seller, Char-Lez Braden, and Derek Hyde
  • Work with J. Mark on updating “Elected Libertarians” page
  • Continue cleaning up out email contact data for MailChimp so we can start reaching out to our donors/members
  • Clean up old press releases on
  • Continue researching options for live-streaming equipment for LPF Events
  • Continue updating as needed
  • Continue working with social media team to stay professional and current
  • Uploading event pictures of Tom Woods and Bill Weld events to LPF social media (originally only shared to give our photographer some exposure/traffic to his page

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Thanks for all this
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