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October / November

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Communications is responsible for carrying out the messaging direction from the Executive Committee and Chairman by providing the content and managing the technical infrastructure to deliver that content. That means we maintain our website, our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, produce a steady stream of emails, press releases, a quarterly newsletter and hopefully soon, SMS messaging. We also oversee our website server account and support accounts, email system, Discord chat server and the Libertarian Chat reporting bulletin board, as well as maintain GoDaddy and Mailchimp accounts. Just recently, we initiated an account with to establish our official telephone number, 844-FLA-FREE (352-3733).

So, its a busy committee for our entire team of dedicated and engaged volunteers.
On the content side, in the past month:
We published the Fall edition of the Sunshine Freedom! newsletter, thanks to our dedicated writer team of Paul Moscarelli, guest writer Stephen Collins and submissions from affiliates and candidates. And of course, copy editor and relentless defender of the Oxford comma, Mark Rodriguez.

We worked with a team of folks from the Green Party to design and publish rack cards opposing Amendment 3, which narrowly failed to gain the 60 percent needed to pass (57%.)  We also generated a press release and several emails for that project.

Followers: 35,675 (+1,372) (Macy John, Lucy Lietsch)
Followers: 4,852 (+7) (Lucy)
Followers: 8,895 (+79) (Steven)

On the technical side, work continues on our website conversion to Libertarian Party national hosting which integrates contact management, including years of history which was preserved by our IT guru and committee vice chair Tony Sellers. Once complete, we should be able to reduce our monthly expense back to 1999 level server spending - resulting in a savings of up to $720 per year.

emails: By the end of this month, well be converting to nationally-hosted email system. This will result in an immediate savings of $500, and an additional savings of $300 next year.
Moodle: Once implemented, this will be a self-paced learning system for affiliation, incoming officers and even the public to learn a bit more about Libertarianism. The project was kicked off by Mr Sellers and Suzanne Gilmore, and now Mr Rodriguez is project manager.
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