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November 2020 Report

Discussion started on Region 1

Region 1 is still in post-election recovery, plus some additional items. Given that no Region 1 Representation was in place at the last LPF EC Meeting, there’s some retroactive reporting here:

Region 1 –
•   Unofficially began assuming duties as Region 1 Representative with Spenser Garber’s resignation effective 9/29. Officially became Region 1 Representative after vote held at last LPF EC meeting held 10/18
•   Spenser Garber is enjoying his first weekend as a married man. As he’s a friend who’s pretty much put many hours into getting Region 1 off the ground over the last four years, the current Executive Committees of Region 1 would like to recognize this and congratulate him as he moves on into this important milestone in life.
•   Region 1 has in its possession a trailer/parade float that’s currently sitting on a man’s property in Okaloosa County. Escambia and Santa Rosa County Executive Committees are currently investigating its status in order to, at least temporarily, move it to Natalie Kidd’s property as we determine its final disposition.

Escambia – Due to the damage taken by Hurricane Sally, it looks like Escambia will be doing a reorganization in its Executive Committee soon as current chairman Frederick “Thai” Heiler is likely to relocate to central Florida as his wife’s work looks like it’s going to be bringing them there.
•   10/10 – Monthly Business Meeting was held at Santino’s on Davis. Items discussed
o   Jorgensen Campaign Support
o   Facebook Advertising Costs
o   Region 1 Trailer Investigation and Disposition
o   NOTE: This meeting was held on short notice as the Semi-Annual Business Meeting was postponed until November due to the Jorgensen Rally coming in at Tallahassee on the same day
•   10/17 – Jorgensen Rally Convoy coordinated/held to bring interested parties to the Tallahassee rally.
•   11/7 – LPEC Social Held at the Coastal County Brewing Company on Olive. Ten people attended.
•   LPEC Facebook Page – The Monday following the election, interest in the LPEC Facebook page exploded – 1200 new likes in the span of a week. LPEC Social Media Director is currently trying to determine the direction the page will now take with this explosion of interest.

Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa County was probably the most impacted by Spenser Garber’s resignation and withdrawal from LPF and LPSRC activities. As this county has been and continues to be the cornerstone of the LPF in Northwest Florida, their membership stepped up in a major way to recover and move forward.
•   9/29 – LP SRC September Meeting @ Brew Angels in Milton - This was Spenser Garber’s last meeting as an active LPF/LPSRC committee member. Spenser worked with the LPSRC EC to transition over to an interim EC until special elections could be scheduled and held at the next business meeting.
o   Former VC Michael Grosjean also resigned as part of the interim reorganization allowing Ed Appler to assume the duties as interim LPSRC Chair
o   Ed Appler appointed Natalie Kidd as interim Vice Chair with her consent.
o   Ed Appler appointed Michael Grosjean as interim Secretary with his consent.
o   Julia Hall to remain as Treasurer
o   Discussions regarding the Region 1 Trailer were had with inputs from the attendees regarding its disposition.
•   10/22 – LP SRC October Meeting @ The Vine in Navarre
o   Special Elections held – All interim positions filled at the last EC meeting were voted on and upheld.
o   Coordination for Jorgensen Sign Wave scheduled for 10/26
o   Coordination for Roadside Cleanup Event to be held on 11/7
•   10/27 – Jorgensen Sign Wave/Convoy – Inclement weather forced LPSRC to push the event back a day. Only four people were able to attend with the reschedule.
•   11/7 – Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup – Full attendance from the LPSRC along with four additional people led to a successful clean-up event.

Okaloosa – Okaloosa is currently listed as inactive. I’m currently reaching out to various people from the county in order to rebuild the affiliate from scratch. Current goals are to meet with various interested parties throughout December with a target to re-affiliate in January 2021.

Walton – Walton County is not currently affiliated and plans to move this forward have not been developed at this time.

Bay – Bay County is not a Region 1 affiliate, but rather Region 2. Attempts to reach out to the Bay County affiliate have not been successful. I’ve made one last attempt to reach out to the entirety of their Executive Committee (11/14). At some point, this body will have to address this issue.
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