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Audit Committee Report - November 2020

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LPF Audit Committee Report - November  2020
by Suzanne Gilmore (outgoing Chair)

Suzanne Gilmore, Davie Parrish, John Olivadoti (ex-officio), J. Mark Barfield (ex-officio)
Outgoing: Suzanne Gilore as Chair, John Olivadotti as Treasurer
Incoming: Suzanne Gilmore as Treasurer (ex officio)
Pending: Appointment and election of Chair

October-November Events:
Audit Committee did not meet formally, but met informally on Facebook to discuss possible banking organizations for the LPF and Treasurer change concerns.
Checked filings for FEC and DOE.
Several late date transactions remain to be entered into report
Confirmed findings with Treasurer
Prepared items for incoming Treasurer to post amendment upon access by DOE report posting.
Followed up on DOE processing of new new officer
Incoming Treasurer to visit bank for transfer of officers.
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