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September Report - Region 8

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Hillsborough - Beginning planning for annual convention in March, 2021.  Had 42 new LPF member sign-ups this past month, growing heavily in the 18-25 and 26-44 age groups.  Over 2800 total registered LPF in Hillsborough now.  Good signs!
Pinellas - No big news.  Has grown from 2300 to over 2500 LPF registered voters since July.
Polk - Spent $1800 on web designer and marketer.
Pasco - Will have a social on 10/3 to meet up and meet new members and those interested in starting the Pasco affiliate.  Will probably be hosting a protest against the information-based law enforcement practices being implemented by the Pasco County sheriff's office.
Hernando - No update.
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