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August 2020 Report

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Region 5 Report for August 2020


*Mailchimp email blast (HTML version)
287 emails sent (user error on my part for a low recipient count); 99.3% open rate; 10 unsubscribes
will be reviewing Mailchimp usage to improve value to affiliate*

*August 8 Let Her Speak Convoy*
     Promoted and joined national convoy setup by Kevin Ethridge
     12 cars attended with 3 regular affiliate members, 1 new member and multiple people unfamiliar with Duval affiliate (all invited to social).
     Chandler Langevin provided 60 Jorgensen signs; handed out 8, will use remainder for future sign holding events and disbursement

*August 11 Affiliate Social
      10 attended
      Chandler Langevin spoke about current and future happenings with Jorgensen campaign
      Affiliate will be working with Chandler to promote and attend upcoming campaign events
      Affiliate purchased LP literature (buttons, etc) to provide members

*Site transferred to WordPress provided by LPF
     Aesthetic and functionality improvements continue
     Publishing new content has begun

*Qualified Immunity page encouraging visitors to contact congress members

*Let Her Speak page encouraging visitors to get involved with events and actions

*P7 report filed with SOE and confirmed it was accepted


*All SOE reports/waivers  filed in compliance

*Let Her Speak sign-waving on August 8th in Clay County at high traffic corner of US Hwy 17 and Kingsley Ave. All corners were covered by volunteers, led by members of the Libertarian Party of Clay County EC and affiliate. Chandler Langevin provided 32 signs - 6 are retained for future use. 8 remain on site at Winn-Dixie parking lot in plain view from traffic street.

*New venue options for LPCC affiliate meetings have been located, and Michael Cassidy is working with those respective spots for reserving for future events.

*Order for LP literature will be placed soon.

*LPCC will provide support for future meet-and-greets and marketing for local candidate for State House District 18, Ken Willey (also Vice Chair of affiliate).

*Plan for August / September is to revise and revamp all LPCC sites and streamline access to these webpages.

*New membership inquiries provided by Membership Committee Chair Nivine Zakhari filtered by Region 5 Rep Michael Cassidy and fowarded to respective county Chair emails or contacted directly.


No news to report at this time.


*New possible affiliate members have been in contact with Region Representative to facilitate future meeting/venue. Target is early -mid September. Chandler Langevin, the Florida Campaign Director for Jorgensen/Cohen has located a few possible members there and will liaise.


*Region 5 alternate David Salisbury assisting in coordinating future meeting (first week of September) for potential ST JOHNS affiliate. Location TBD.

This concludes the August 2020 report.

In Liberty & Unity,

Michael Cassidy
Region 5 Representative
#1 - August 16, 2020, 07:12:13 PM