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LPF Audit Committee Report - August 2020

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LPF Audit Committee Report - August  2020
by Suzanne Gilmore (Chair)

Suzanne Gilmore, Davie Parrish, Robert Enright, John Olivadoti (ex-officio), J. Mark Barfield (ex-officio)

The Audit Committee was originally created as an Ad Hoc committee of the LPF in 2018 following a decision by the EC to provide more oversight of financial transactions.  The committee was made a Standing Committee at the May 4 and 5, 2019 LPF Annual Business Meeting.

Rules Establishing and Guiding:
LPF Bylaws
ARTICLE III Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees
Section 1. Standing Committees

A. Standing Committees of the LPF shall include the following:
Candidate Committee
Communications Committee
Membership Committee
Platform Committee
Rules Committee
Fundraising Committee
Legislative Action Committee
Affiliate Support Committee
Audit Committee

B. Committees and Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the Chair of the LPF with the approval of the Executive Committee, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or Bylaws. Each Committee shall consist of at least three members of the party (disregarding ex-officio members). Appointment terms shall last until the next Executive Committee election or until the committee member is removed or replaced, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or Bylaws. Removal of persons on a committee shall need the approval of the Executive Committee. Actions of all Committees shall be reported on a regular basis to the Executive Committee. Special committees may be created by the Executive Committee and shall also follow these requirements unless otherwise provided upon their creation. The duties of all standing committees shall be stated in the Bylaws. Further clarification of duties may be added to the Standing Rules.

C. Along with a Chair, all standing committees, unless otherwise provided in the Bylaws or Standing Rules shall have a Vice Chair. Along with performing the normal duties of the committee, the committee Vice Chair shall also act in place of the committee Chair, if the Chair is absent or cannot perform the duties of the Chair.

Section. 10. The Audit Committee

The committee shall be composed of the LPF Treasurer (ex officio), LPF Vice Chair (ex officio) and a minimum of three (3) other LPF members and no committee Vice Chair. The committee shall work to ensure the proper reporting of LPF contributions and expenditures, to provide oversight to the LPF Treasurer position, and to provide overall accounting and budgeting support to the LPF and LPF committees. Specific duties shall include, but are not limited to: (1) QuickBooks (and its successors) reconciliations, (2) quarterly profit and loss statements of LPF committees, (3) reviewing FEC reports, and (4) assisting the Treasurer with selection of yearly auditor,(5) creating and maintaining documentation on best practices.

July-August Events:
Audit Committee met July 30. Received letter from Fed FEC, conducted necessary work to make decision on how to handle.
Kronotiq principal hasnít resolved visa issues yet. Not conducting any work in the interim.
CPA re-requested payment. Checked with Treasurer, who advised he had paid it.
No further development on FL FEC complaint.
Discovered that affiliates may be or intend to be donating directly to candidates, especially presidential campaign. Guidance letter developed for affiliates in coordination with Rules and Affiliate Support committees,
Re-categorized and added vendors to all existing expenditure entries in Quickbooks.
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