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IT: CRM transition progresses. Tony's on two national calls per month. Also, Tony is assisting with the Jorgensen campaign CRM on up to three calls per week.

Facebook: 34,253 Likes - up 80 in last 28 days; 33,870 Follows - up 89 in last 28 days (Macy)
Twitter: 4,714 Followers, up 47 in last 28 days (Sam)
Instagram: 8,375 Followers (Justin)

Completed Editing and Layout of Newsletter

Designed and began regular posts focusing on elements of our Platform

Work ongoing on Lpedia updates (Rodriguez)

Backup up all affiliate pages in prep for Linode reboot. Installed UpdraftPlus to perform backups, installed IThemes Security on all sites to add a layer of protection against brute force attacks (revealed a second affiliate under apparent attack.)

One press release, eight emails
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