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2020 July Report

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Report of the LPF Rules Committee
July 19, 2020

The Rules Committee has resumed activity this month, following the LP convention, and has taken up a question regarding candidate support.  The ruling of the committee is not complete, but should be forthcoming soon.

The docket for the remainder of the Rules committee session remains fluid, but includes review and possible revisions to the sample affiliate governing documents on behalf of the Affiliate Support Committee, addressing motions referred to the committee from the Annual Business Meeting, and committee-initiated suggestions to the next Annual Business Meeting for updating the governing documents.

We remind the LPF, its affiliated county parties, and members to take note that as of September 1, 2020, the current version of Robert’s Rules Newly Revised (RONR) will be the 12th Edition.  Copies may be ordered from at least one major bookseller for delivery on or shortly after that date.

Finally, due to the end of qualifying, we caution the LPF and its affiliate parties to be mindful of Florida statute and Federal law regarding fundraising, donations, and expenditures in support of candidates.  Generally speaking, these activities should be done by individuals or by the campaigns rather than the parties.

For the Rules Committee,

Tony Sellers (Chairman)
#1 - July 19, 2020, 06:30:57 PM