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2020 August Report

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Report of the LPF Rules Committee
August 16, 2020

The ruling of the committee regarding candidate support remains incomplete.

The docket for the remainder of the Rules committee session remains fluid, but includes review and possible revisions to the sample affiliate governing documents on behalf of the Affiliate Support Committee, addressing motions referred to the committee from the Annual Business Meeting, and committee-initiated suggestions to the next Annual Business Meeting for updating the governing documents.

This month, the Committee Vice Chair and Chair built upon the committee's caution to the LPF and its affiliate parties last month to be mindful of Florida statute and Federal law regarding fundraising, donations, and expenditures in support of candidates. They provided research and analysis to party leadership which inform a letter to affiliate leaders which we understand to be going out soon. They also provided input regarding a response to a current issue before the Federal Election Commission.

Mr. Rose has initiated a review for the committee of amendments to the LPF Constitution and Bylaws by the 2019 and 2020 delegations.  The committee's findings may assist it in developing any further amendments.  Mr. Barfield has agreed to see if the EC will empanel an ad-hoc committee to provide the Rules Committee a non-binding, outside review of punctuation, grammar, usage, and other style issues in the governing documents.

We urge continued caution and immediate reseach by the party officers at all levels regarding campaign finance, including solicitation of donations, party exempt activities, contributions, and expenditures.  Campaign finance is highly regulated, and the laws which govern it intertwine, and appear to be deliberately unclear.  If a desired action is not researched and known to be lawful, do not proceed with it.  Locating a law which indicates an activity is lawful does not mean that there are not consequences elsewhere in law for pursuing it.  Be careful.

We remind the LPF, its affiliated county parties, and members to take note that as of September 1, 2020, the current version of Robert’s Rules Newly Revised (RONR) will be the 12th Edition.  Copies may be ordered from at least one major bookseller for delivery on or shortly after that date.

For the Rules Committee,

Tony Sellers (Chairman)
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