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July Region 8 Report

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Hillsborough - Held monthly meeting this week (virtually) to officially elect vice chair, treasurer, and secretary.  There are three people running, all uncontested, and results will be revealed upon close of the online poll within the Band app on 8/18.  The vice chair was not up for re-election, yet due to health issues and inability to reach the current vice chair, this position is deemed vacant at the time.  Bryan Zemina will likely be the new vice chair.

The political action committee is also pursuing an injunction for tax relief on the Tangible Personal Property Taxes for businesses that were mandated to be shutdown during COVID-19 government actions.  This amounts to a total of abatement demand of over $7.5M per week of forced shutdown for Hillsborough County alone.

Pinellas - Held monthly meeting this week (both virtually and in person) to do standard business.  There has been quite a bit of interest in the local affiliate and the numbers and people looking to be active in the local party are growing.

Polk - Will be back to holding in-person and digital monthly meetings this upcoming week.  There is a known issue with a member of the LPF and the affiliate chair that will likely not amount to anything.  However, this matter is being handled by the region rep, LPF chair, and the Polk affiliate chair to ensure the best possible outcome.

Pasco - Talks with individuals interested in affiliating have fallen off, as no contact has been able to be established in the recent weeks.  There is a new individual who has reached out about affiliating and I will be having talks with her in the coming weeks.

Hernando - An individual reached out on 7/18/20 about affiliating Hernando.  I have responded and am ready to continue discussions with the individual about affiliation.
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