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June/July 2020 Report

Discussion started on Region 5

Duval County (provided by Chair DL Cummings):

*Five members attended in-person National Convention, at least two watched online.
*Sent out first email blast using old email list (from LPF) and recently requested info from SOE
*800+ emails sent; 45 unsubscribes; 21.6% open rate & 2 positive reply emails
*Most recent meeting (14Jul) we invited local speaker/activist to discuss issues facing black community
*About 18 people attended in total
*Event was LiveStreamed to Facebook
*Several tense moments, but otherwise productive.
*Members invited him and his crew back, lots of socializing afterwards.
*Some info exchanges between people
*At least three new people identifying as libertarian attended
*Had discussion with Philippe Cadorette about appropriate means to purchase bulk Jo/Spike yard signs without violating state and FEC
     laws (have private individual do it, no connecting to party funds or bank account)
*Davie Parrish forwarded contact details for interested member in Jacksonville. He came to recent meetup.
*Working on transitioning to LPF provide WordPress site to provide better communication with members and general public

Clay County:

*Meeting was not called due to scheduling between county EC members and venue closed to dine-in/meetups due to Covid guidelines and recommendations
*3 Clay County LP members attended in-person National Convention (including Vice Chair and Regional Candidate Ken Willey); 2-4 attended online (including Chair Michael Cassidy)
*Interaction with multiple livestreams featuring Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen in last month
*Currently charting August meeting venue within Clay County
*2 new

Baker/Nassau/Saint Johns County:

No updates to report. Focus on outreach within these areas; ongoing confusion with Covid guidelines have canceled a few venues. Hot and humid weather is not conducive to outdoor meetups at this time.

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