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Facebook: Followers - 35,238 (1,789 inc); Likes -34,198 (349 incr)

1. Twitter—T'was lost then it was recover'd! After the initially believing we had lost our @lp_florida account due to a password mishap, Twitter notified us two weeks ago they had unlocked the account, restored our history and 4,659 Followers. They explained they locked the account for eight weeks in error, not due to anything we had done. Samantha has taken up posting and pledged we'll reach 5,000 Followers soon. We'll keep the @fl_fla account for now. Unfortunately, the two accounts cannot be merged as with Facebook and some other SM platforms.

2. Newsletter—moving along, still doing last-minute editing and now that we're past the LP Convention, we'll wrap it up this week.

3. Amazon Web Services—We have a four-year-old AWS account that is no longer used, although we continue to pay $11.40/mo ($136.80/yr) for it. It originally stored our CRM but was subsequently abandoned for our current Linode partner. I suggest we motion the EC to cancel the AWS account. Tony believes there is little left remaining to recover. While he thinks AWS does have some ongoing merit as a test platform, it is not being used now.

4.—If you recall from last month's Communications notes, there were two takeaways from our Twitter incident. First, was "assure when account ownership is transferred, all 2FAs are updated by departing/arriving owners." To that end, we were investigating Hootsuite and other SM management platforms, but to meet our needs, that monthly expense would range from $50 to $100 and up. That led to the idea of managing our accounts using a common LPF-centric telephone and email system. While not as fully controllable as a managed system, it does allow for portability and centralised password resets.

Email we can accomplish with a email that forwards to the EC chair and the Comms chair. The telephone number proved a little more tricky. Most VOIP phone services, which direct to multiple destinations, can run $25/mo or so and up. The cheapest is $0.00, Google Voice. However, GV requires a unique Google account which must be tied to a telephone number not used by any other Google account. That eleminates most options for us. That led me to research VOIP services - internet telephone. Of them, is about the cheapest with still reliable services. This number can become the official LPF telephone number for stationery, voice mail, etc. and it will be used for all LPF social media accounts, especially for 2fa password resets.

An email survey of Communications Committee July 14 recommends a. Cancel AWS, freeing $136.80/yr, then b. contracting with for $99.90/yr.
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