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Chairman's Report June

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•   Hosted the monthly Committee Chairs call, will be a monthly effort to connect all committee Chairs, have candid conversation regarding goals, progress, and teamwork. Identify opportunities and give support to our leaders.
•   Worked on several press releases and fundraising letters with J Mark Barfield
•   Organized several committee’s and participated on calls with the Audit Committee and Candidate Support Committee
•   Worked with credentials committee in tandem with our Secretary and Vice Chair to complete the final list for delegates
•   Demoed isPolitical software for potential use
•   Worked with Communications Committee on securing social media assets
•   Worked with Audit Committee on Florida Elections Commission related matters
•   Worked with Garcia & Ortiz on the 2020 financial audit as required by the DoE
•   Spoke with the DoE on Party exclusion by the Broward SoE
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