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1. Work continues on CRM project, one to two months to go live - still need to meet on design impacts
Tony Sellers:
a. Pilot users that I have created have reported issues with login and/or access.  I have created a test user and tested it at each level of access for the pilot users, and found no issues.
b. Work is ongoing to develop the process to create monthly updates from voter rolls and membership requests.
c. Results from those update sets will add to an initial update file to bring our 'SOS' voter data current and include our membership data.  The import of this update set should bring the new CRM to par with our legacy CRM data.
d. I attended initial meetings with LP State CRM Project and Jorgenson campaign leadership to plan implementation of the data sharing agreement with the campaign.

2. Kronotiq contract ended
3. Facebook: Total Followers ^1,837 to 34,888 (@Today)(Macy John, Kronotiq, myself; additional posts and shares from the Chair, Sanders, Rose)
4. Instagram: Nearly 7,500 followers, posts often getting more than a hundred reactions (Justin McCue)
5. Twitter: @lp_florida account suspended, no follow-up from Twitter support; had approx 7,200 Followers; new @lp_fla account created May 27, (@Today) 65 Tweets, 85 Followers (Samantha McHugh, myself)

@lp_florida issue timeline:
a. Aug 20, 2017 - Foxall Resigns; Sanders appointed: Twitter 2FA was not changed from info@ or Foxall's telephone number at that time
b. July 2019 - Sanders Resigns, I was appointed, I note the account was still info@ / Foxall number as 2FA
c. Sept 2019 - I contacted Foxall, who said she no longer had access to that phone number. Attempts to change failed, since 2FA going to defunct phone number, not info@; no other action taken as account was functional
d. April 18. 2020 - I discover no posts since April 1, log in see account suspended. Notify Cody Moser, responsible for Twitter posting; he said he'd forgotten PW when attempted to log in from LT instead of PC, triggered a 2FA response, which did not come to info@. Cody submitted a Service Ticket, which did reply with an email confirmation (Done.) But no other follow up.
e. April 27, 2020 - I requested update, Twitter replied "We’ll continue our review with this information."
f. May 5, 2020 - I requested update, no reply
g. May 20, 2020 - I requested update, no reply
h. May 27, 2020 - I submitted second ticket, was notified first needed to be closed first.
i. May 27, 2020 - Sanders reset password, accomplished with no account recovery
j. June 2, 2020 - Twitter sought email confirmation; Done
No subsequent actions or followups

  Note: I maintain all PWs in a password protected storage, RoboForm. The PW was never "lost" as some would claim.

5.1 Take-away: assure when account ownership is transferred, all 2FAs are updated by departing/arriving owners. To this end, investigating social media management systems, set up test account with Hootsuite, but focusing on Sendible due to cost of Hootsuite (~$100/mo for 1+ Users vs <$100/mo.) Will have recommendation at July EC Meeting.
5.2 Take-away: if a PW is forgotten, the admin will be contacted immediately, only EC Chair or Comms Chair should attempt to change.
6. Newsletter: In rewrite, edit phase

7. Branding Project - On hold until after Convention

8. Press Releases - 5

9. Email Campaigns - 6
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