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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for June 2020

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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for June 2020

At-Large 1 Director Activities

Attended LPF EC, Membership, Officers, Committee Chairs and Regional Representatives Meetings and Discussions.
Re-categorized the 2019 transactions in Quickbooks to resolve questions raised by the CPA for the Annual Compilation Report due June 30 to DOE. Notified appropriate persons. Attempted to add back CPA to Quickbooks, but user level was not high enough. Requested master admin to handle.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended LPMD EC Meeting June 9.
Prepared agenda for Chair.
Was appointed and confirmed as LPMD Secretary. Prepared letter to SOE of change and notified LPF Secretary.
Presented motion to resolve ability to meet on-line in extraordinary situations, such as force majeure. Motion passed unanimously.
Revised ByLaws with revision from June 9, 2020 EC Meeting, distributed to EC members and sent for posting on the LPMDade website.
Prepared and distributed Minutes of June 9 to EC members.

Other LPF Activities

Affiliate Support Committee (ASC):
Drafted a quick reference of LPF Resources for County Affiliates, Regional Reps, Officers and Directors. Requested feedback. Updated guide with suggestions received.
Checked for party status for the Committee Chair for individual who had expressed interest in affiliating Jackson County.

Communications Committee:
Sent invitation to Paul Moscarelli for brief course I had entered into Moodle. Advised on where to locate instructions for working in moodle:

Audit Committee: See separate report

Processed all new LPF member applications (37) between May 14th and June 17th renewing 4 members, and converted 12 pending to new members.
There are currently 140 Pending memberships and 4,833 members (new, current, and renewed.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Keep Budget spreadsheet updated quarterly.
Continue to perform testing and updating to LP/FL CRM.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible.
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