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April / May

Discussion started on Communications Committee

Met twice
Work and testing continues on CRM project, two months to go live
Renewed Kronotiq contract, posting resumes
Facebook: Total Followers ^1,039 to 33,463 (Friday)(Macy John, Kronotiq; (Chaz Sanders and Chris Rose chipping in)
Instagram: Topped 7,000 followers, each post getting an average of 300 - 500 responses (Justin McCue)
Twitter: suspended, no response to issue ticket or followup. If no response this week, will have to create new account.
Newsletter: Deadline for submissions May 18

Branding Project
Logo - update, not replace current
Slogan - Will create a drop-box to collect suggestions, Communications to pick top three, present to EC with recommendation
Newsletter - redesign, dependent on above
Donor cards - three to four levels, based on direction from Fundraising and Membership
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