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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for May 2020

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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for May 2020

At-Large 1 Director Activities

Attended LPF EC, Membership, Affiliate Support, Officers, Committee Chairs and Regional Representatives Meetings and Discussions.
Provided LPF Chair with copy of LPMD Rules Package and new Constitution and ByLaws revisions from Annual Business Meeting to notify LP Attorney and possibly FEC to demonstrate the affiliate’s taking the first opportunity to correct the FEC’s concerns.
Prepared 2020 Presidential Electors folder for Secretary preparatory to doing the letter to the Governor from the Chair before Sept. 1.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended LPMD Annual Business Meeting.
Prepared agenda for Chair.
Presented Rules Package to resolve FEC concerns and better align language with current LPF Rules.
Rules Package passed unanimously.
Prepared new Constitution and ByLaws with revisions from 2020 Annual Business Meeting and sent to LPMD Chair.

Other LPF Activities

Affiliate Support Committee (ASC):
Drafted a quick reference of LPF Resources for County Affiliates, Regional Reps, Officers and Directors. Requested feedback.

Audit Committee See separate report

Processed all new LPF member applications (38) between April 17tth and May 144h renewing 5 members, and converted several pendings to new members. New applicants had slowed down at the same time the authorities started instituting social distancing and quarantine requirements for people, then picked up substantially immediately after the Justin Amash presidential announcement bid.
Attended training/general questions LP CRM meeting.
Assisted Tony Sellers provisioning pilot users of LP CRM.
There are currently 131 Pending memberships and 4,807 members (new, current, and renewed.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Keep Budget spreadsheet updated quarterly..
Continue to perform testing and updating to LP/FL CRM.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible.
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