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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for April 2020

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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for April 2020

At-Large 1 Director Activities

Attended LPF Membership, Affiliate Support, Committee Chairs and Regional Representatives Meetings.

Local LPMD Activities

Worked with affiliate Chair and Vice Chair and members of Rules Committee regarding how to comply with Constitutional requirement to hold the annual business meeting in April when authorities were prohibiting in-person meetings. Determined that, though there is no provision in rules for a totally virtual meeting, we could do so in order to comply with the greater requirement which was to hold the annual business meeting in April.
Requested that notice of the annual meeting be posted on the affiliate's website.
Assisted Secretary by preparing a credentialing spreadsheet of potential attendees to the business meeting and prepared agenda.

Other LPF Activities

Affiliate Support Committee (ASC):
Attended Committee Meeting on April 15th.
Will begin researching needed for a quick reference of how and where to get typical things done.

Audit Committee See separate report

Processed all new LPF member applications (22) between March 12tth and April 16th renewed one member, and converted several pendings to new members. New applicants slowed down at the same time the authorities started instituting social distancing and quarantine requirements for people.
Attended training/general questions LP CRM meeting.
Assisted Tony Sellers provisioning pilot users of LP CRM.
There are currently 124 Pending memberships and 4,811 members (new, current, and renewed.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Keep Budget spreadsheet updated.
Complete updating contacts in FL CiviCRM.
Continue to perform testing and updating to LP/FL CRM.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible. The March 28th tri-county event had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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