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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for March 2020

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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for March 2020

At-Large 1 Director Activities

Continued working with LPF Secretary on processing delegates to LPF and LP conventions.
Prepared sign-in sheets
Assisted at Registration table Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Attended LPF Annual Business Meeting
Attended LPF Committee Chairs and Regional Representatives Meetings.
Responded to question of number of alternate delegates with LP bylaws language.
Suggested conforming language for Suwannee governing docs. Reviewed their response and advised them of affirmative review.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended March 10, 2020 affiliate meeting. No quorum. Discussed LPMD Annual Business Meeting planning.
Prepared 7 motions to amend constitution and by-laws in April, worked with Rules Committee members for revisions and approval.
Obtained responses from affiliate to second set of follow-up questions from FEC, provided to LPF Chair. Reviewed LP attorney’s response.

Other LPF Activities

Affiliate Support Committee (ASC): Updated “How to Write a Successful Motion”, with assistance of Tony Sellers, Lee Korotzer, Donna Olivadoti, took all material for outreach bags to convention, assembled, and LPF Chair distributed to newly elected Regional Reps from throughout state.

Audit Committee See separate report

Processed all new LPF member applications (27) between February 17thtth and March 
11 th and converted 37 pendings to new members.
Working with Tony Sellers, completed initial clean-up of contacts in FL CRM. Learning LP (National) CRM processes. Started testing imports. Checked roughly 15 contacts for accuracy and correct relationship. Have been assigned task to de-dupe records and assign regions. Will proceed once access to all necessary processes is obtained.
Attended training/general questions LP CRM meeting March 3.
There are currently 125 Pending memberships.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Keep Budget spreadsheet updated.
Complete updating contacts in FL CiviCRM.
Continue to perform testing and updating to LP/FL CRM.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible. March 28th event will be tri-county event, intending to attend.
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