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Annual Report 2019/2020 Affiliate Support Committee

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Affiliate Support Committee (ASC)
Final Report - February 21, 2020
by Suzanne Gilmore (Chair)

Suzanne Gilmore. (Chair), Philippe Cadorette, David Deforest, Julia Hall, Lee Korotzer, Tony Sellers, J. Mark Barfield (ex-officio), Ed Appler (ex-officio)

Mission Statement:
Provide and coordinate support for Affiliates, Regional Representatives, Officers, and the LPF Secretary.

The Affiliate Support Committee was originally created as a Special Committee of the LPF authorized by Motion #587 passed by the Executive Committee on September 23, 2018.  The committee was made a Standing Committee at the May 4 and 5, 2019 LPF Annual Business Meeting.

Rules Establishing and Guiding:
LPF Bylaws, ARTICLE III Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees
 Section 1. Standing Committees
A. Standing Committees of the LPF shall include the following:
Candidate Committee
Communications Committee
Membership Committee
Platform Committee
Rules Committee
Fundraising Committee
Legislative Action Committee
Affiliate Support Committee
Audit Committee

Section 9. Affiliate Support Committee

A. The Affiliate Support Committee shall be tasked with developing and maintaining documentation for starting and training county affiliates on statutory and rules compliance. The committee shall coordinate with the Rules Committee.

B. The committee may be tasked with conducting training courses for county affiliates for best practices on running and growing county affiliates; soliciting, obtaining, and documenting feedback from county affiliates about their needs and about LPF performance; responding to informal inquiries from county affiliates, and assisting in creation of new affiliates in coordination with their Region Representative. The LPF Secretary may also direct the committee to assist him or her  with credentialing and reaffiliation procedures. This committee shall have no Vice Chair. This committee shall adjourn sine die after 50% of the counties in the state of Florida are affiliated.

The committee reports monthly to the LPF Executive Committee and submits its final report at the LPF Annual Business Meeting. The committee consistently presented a written and verbal monthly report to the Executive Committee as required by the LPF Bylaws and authorizing motion.

The primary goal of the original committee in 2018/2019 set out to accomplish was to improve the training materials used to train affiliate officers, new affiliate organizational members, and LPF Region Representatives for conducting county-level operational business of the party.

Meeting and Conducting Business:
The Affiliate Support Committee met monthly using the Free Conference Call telephone conference capability to conduct formal voted business. The committee also informally discussed business on an ongoing basis in the committee’s Discord channel. The committee also reminded  Regional Representatives regarding statutory regarding county affiliate reaffiliation paperwork.

Committee Work:
“Organizing and Operating a County Affiliate”
The previous county affiliate manual, while useful and visually appealing, lacked readability and needed organization. New affiliate officers were often overwhelmed. The manual was out of date regarding rule and law and lacked  guidance for ongoing operational decisions.

In 2018, the committee began to totally revamp the manual into an entirely new document titled “Organizing and Operating a County Affiliate.” The committee conducted a thorough review of the LPF governing documents and Florida statutes to update requirements. The committee obtained permission to use an existing document created independently by Brent DeRidder for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.  Work then commenced on the new document. The committee worked in the Florida specific rule, law, and process to DeRidder’s document. The committee also improved the document flow, and added guidance for tasks that were frequent questions from affiliates.

The first draft of this new manual was approved for public release by formal vote of the committee on April 8, 2019. The draft was then submitted by mass email to county affiliate officers and by social media and Discord posts for review by the party members. The manual was then posted on the For Affiliates site. The affiliates manual has been very well received and copies are beginning to circulate around the country as other LP state affiliates learn of it.

In 2019, the Committee approved a slightly revised version and reissued “Organizing and Operating a County Affiliate”, which can be obtained here.

Checklists, Quick Reference Guides, and Templates:
During the initial review of the existing manual, the committee determined that simplified versions of the document were necessary to guide affiliate officers on specific points of interest. To that end, the committee created a number of checklists, cheat sheets, and templates to assist affiliates:
Reaffiliation checklist for items required by the LPF for an affiliate to properly be re-affiliated each years (formally approved December 3, 2018)
The affiliation checklist is currently under review and revision, as there have been LPF rules changes and locations.
Florida statutory checklist for affiliates to understand what is required of them by state law, primarily in regards to the contents of their governing documents and qualifications of their executive committee (formally approved January 14, 2019)
The Florida statutory checklist for affiliates is currently under review
Affiliate Annual Audit template to guide them on what to submit to their Supervisor of Elections and to the LPF (formally approved March 29, 2019 and informally distributed prior).
There are no known changes regarding this document.
Treasurer’s Quick Reference Guide for contributions, expenses, and reporting (reviewed but not formally approved)
The document is currently under review and revision.
Sample Affiliate Constitution and Bylaws template that meets Reaffiliation Checklist and Florida Statutory checklist (initial incomplete draft, not formally approved)
Affiliate Constitution Sample
Affiliate Bylaws Sampling
Sample affiliate-themed tri-fold marketing brochure incorporating LPF branding (initial incomplete draft that needs layout work to be compatible with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, not formally approved)

Additional Guides and Forms:
New editable Petition to Affiliate forms to comply with requirements in the Standing Rules Art. III, Sect. 3.
LPF Regional Representatives Guide
LPF Secretary’s Guide
Under revision, nearing completion
Affiliate Support Committee Guide
For operating the committee and for succession planning and on-boarding new members
Nearing completion and final committee review.
How to Write a Successful Motion
Revision underway
Training for new Executive Committee members
Training coursework under development

Outreach Items:
In cooperation with the the Member Committee and the Convention Committee, the ASC is providing Outreach Bags to each affiliated county to be distributed at the 2020 LPF Convention. The Outreach bags are a starter kit for affiliate outreach and tabling events. Additional sets will be  available for purchase by the affiliates shortly.

Learning Opportunities:
The ASC is in the process of evaluating how best to make all these materials available to the people who can use them. We expect to begin uploading the existing guidance documents to the LPF Learning Management System, currently under development by the Communications Committee.

Assisting the LPF Secretary:
The committee, per duties in the authorizing motion, assisted LPF Secretary Ed Appler with reaffiliation and credentialing. The committee worked with the Secretary to develop a strategy for processing reaffiliation documentation. At his direction, committee members assisted Secretary Appler with credentialing affiliate officers for reaffiliation and for delegates to the LPF Annual Business Meeting and LP 2020 Convention.

Ongoing Work and Goals:
The next Affiliate Support Committee team, is expected to continue to review the various guidance documents to keep them current and accurate, assist the LPF Secretary, and increase learning opportunities for affiliates and EC members.
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