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Annual Report 2019/2020 At Large Director 1

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At-Large 1 Director Activities
In general, looked for areas that needed assistance to be more efficient and effective. Developed a budget for planning and processing financial events.  Helped find solutions to reduce expenditures while maintaining mission.
Helped with compliance concerns.
Assisted LPF Officers, Directors, Committees, Regional Representatives, Affiliates, and potential Affiliates.

Worked with LPF Secretary on processing delegates to LPF and LP conventions.
Received spreadsheets of delegates, entered data on convention delegate spreadsheet, checked for membership and LPF registration, created running totals. Notified Secretary of any requests for ineligible persons.

Assisted Region 13  as requested. 
Advised of new eligible persons in R13.
Co-administered FB page for Hendry County.
Attended LP Broward County affiliate's Annual Business Meeting August 17, 2019.
Assisted Broward affiliate with filing requirements to meet LPF and SOE requirements.
Assisted a Regional Rep with info regarding the affiliate guide.

Attended LNC Quarterly Meeting in Miami November 9 and 10.

Recruited candidates for Director 2, Davie Parrish and Region 11, John Thompson. Candidates were elected in a special meeting. Provided Regional Representatives guide to Mr. Thompson.
Developed for Chair a document listing county affiliates’ status within regions based on Secretary’s affiliates file.

Went through LPF documents at FL DOE site, located document in which DOE had acknowledged that the compilation report submitted for annual audit was a sufficient audit. Added to Audit Committee folder. Advised committee and LPF Chair.

Planning on attending tri-county event in March.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended all LPMD monthly EC meetings and two committees of the whole.
Acted as meeting Secretary as needed.
Assisted with researching and recording responses to FEC complaint, providing those responses to  LPF.
Acted as Rules Committee Chair
Provided Rules Committee instructions to treat a conflicting section as if stricken.
Continued reviewing rules specifically identified during FEC research that needed revision.
Working with LPMD Rules Committee to correct and propose amendments to LPMD Constitution at the annual business meeting in April.
Attended October 8 Town Hall. Completed and submitted motion referred to Rules Committee regarding endorsement. Cast vote in email special meeting.

Other LPF Activities

Acted as the Chair of Affiliate Support Committee (ASC). (See separate report.)
Acted as a member, then the Chair, of the Audit Committee. (See separate report.)
Acted as a member of the Membership Committee. Coordinated Outreach bags between Affiliate Support Committee and the Membership Committee.
Ran several reports for Membership Chair regarding current members, new members, and pending members.
Discussed concerns regarding a push for major party status.
Discussed integrated membership drive.
Attended committee meeting August 4.

Interest in how to consider and address push for open primary (Top Two) increased. Located analysis from the Legislative Review Committee when first proposed (2015). Analysis remains viable. Distributed analysis twice.

Sent support email regarding Institute for Justice's paper on repealing 12 licensing laws.

Hand entered and processed all LPF member applications (206) between May 2019 and February 12.
Working with Tony Sellers, cleaning up and updating of CiviCRM contact records including identifying voter ID and matching our contacts with LP National contacts from FL dump list and locating voter ids. Completed 2019 through most of 2010 Florida LP Nationals’ records plus all active LPF members. This update is the first known major update of the CRM contacts. Estimate approximately 10,000 records updated. This process also assisted in credentialing delegates for Annual Business Meeting and re-affiliations starting in January. This process consumed approximately 50 hours a week of my time since mid July.
There are currently 120 Pending memberships (people who requested membership but are not eligible). Reviewing and updating the pending list at least monthly.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Continue updating Budget
Continue updating CRM records.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever and wherever possible.
Continue to assist affiliates with affiliation and re-affiliation and compliance.

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