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Region Nine Report: December 2019

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December 2019:

My first month as representative has been a quiet one. I did not schedule a region meeting this month due to the busy holiday season but am planning a meeting mid Jaunary.

-Osceola County
Tony Busby was appointed by Govornor DeSantis to soil and water board. The board nominated and unanimously elected him Chair at their first public meeting. Their December social went well, they donated funds to a Christmas charity and they're getting an early start on their year end reporting.

-Orange County
Orange County elections happened this month. They elected a new chair, Ralph Groves.

-Seminole County
Andre Klass qualified for the ballot in his County Commission race. Andre chose to gather signatures, a huge undertaking, and while doing so took every opportunity to spread the libertarian message. We are very proud of him and are expecting great things.

-Brevard County
Next month Brevard is hosting their first annual convention and elections of officers will take place at that time.
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