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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for November 2019

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LPF At-Large 1 Director Report for November 2019

At-Large 1 Director Activities

Revised for Chair a document listing county affiliates’ status within regions based on Secretary’s affiliates file. Provided access to Secretary.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended November 12, 2019 meeting. No quorum,
Developed with Rules Committee a ruling on a non-compliant section of the LPMD Constitution. Ruling is to treat as if the item were stricken.
Continued reviewing rules specifically identified during FEC research that needed revision and working with Rules Committee to correct and propose amendments.

Other LPF Activities

Affiliate Support Committee (ASC): See separate report

Audit Committee

Requested Quickbooks profit and loss report through October 2019 to complete 2020 proposed budget.
Attended meeting.

Membership Committee

Attended October Meeting. Discussed Outreach Boxes and pins.


Processed all LPF member applications (25) between October 15tth and November 14th, about the same as last month. Requests are increasing from 2018 and earlier in 2019.
Working with Tony Sellers, continued cleaning up and update of CiviCRM contact records including identifying voter ID and matching our contacts with LP National contacts from FL dump list and locating voter ids. Due to the large size of dump list data set (16,636 contacts), now working chronologically from most recent LP contacts back to identify and update the active individuals. Working in alphabetical order revealed that many contacts were missing or deceased, which will all need to be identified, but can be completed after people who are currently active. Have completed approximately 3,000 records. This updating is the first known major maintenance of the CRM contacts data since inception. Approximately 3,600 are completed.

Ongoing Projects and Goals

Complete Budget spreadsheet for 2020.
Complete updating contacts in CiviCRM.
Continue processing new requests for LPF Membership and keep checking voter rolls for possible LPF registration of pending ineligible requests.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible.
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