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October (and 1st half November) 2019 Report

Discussion started on Region 5

Good evening all:

I have been getting caught up with Region 5 emails, and following up to any membership questions or potential libertarian affiliate interest that has been either sent to me by my colleagues in the LPF, or through recruitment locally.

We have three new LP members in Clay, Duval and Baker respectively,  from the information I have (need to validate and confirm that).

Social media has seen an uptick in activity recently.
Clay County has 10 new followers on instagram, 6 new followers on the FB page, and a potential new affiliate EC member that was passed from LPF to us here, and followed up by Ken Willey and Vic Berrios.
I do not have the Duval numbers on hand, as I have limited access.
Baker County: 3 new followers on the Facebook page, 100% + higher engagement with posts and inbox messages from interested people. One new affiliate potential that is being vetted.
St John's County: I still do not have admin privilege with St John's, but have posted for higher engagement. We have two current potentials for affiliation.
Nassau County: 6 new followers on the Facebook page, engagement is over 100% up from September, with posts by Matt McCary and Addison Patrick helping drive awareness.

My focus, in addition to affiliation of St John's, Nassau and Baker County, is to provide support to Matt McCary for State Senate, and Ken Willey for State House Dist. 18 with their respective campaigns.

Thank you,
Michael Cassidy
Region 5 Representative
#1 - November 17, 2019, 05:32:42 PM