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This month we have some GREAT NEWS!!!! The Convention site is up and running. Since its launch, we have sold 10 tickets and and one vendor table totaling $2,750.00. The Convention theme will be running through the end of this month and has raised $1,748.76. This brings the total revenue raised toward convention to $4,498.76. With a current liability to the LPF for a food and beverage minimum of $8,583.90 we are over 1/2 way to hitting our liability.

Special early bird pricing has been set up with an increase of $25.00 per month through the end of ticket sales on February 9, 2020. This date was chosen to ensure food and beverage accommodations can be taken care of at the request of the hotel.
$100.00 Nov 1- Nov 30
$ 125.00 Dec 1- Dec 31
$150.00 Jan 1- Jan 31
$175.00 Feb 1- Feb 9

$200.00 Nov 1 - Nov 30
$225.00 Dec 1 - Dec 31
$250.00 Jan 1 - Jan 31
$275.00 Feb 1 - Feb 9

$300.00 Nov 1 - Nov 30
$325.00 Dec 1 - Dec 31
$350.00 Jan 1 - Jan  31
$375.00 Feb 1 - Feb 9



Through February 9, 2020 the option to upgrade packages will be available for those interested in doing so. A Special offer is being extended to those who purchase a Bronze package during the early bird pricing which ends November 30, 2019. Anyone who purchases a Bronze package during this period will be eligible for a savings of $25.00 on an upgrade to a larger package after the early bird pricing ends (EXCLUDES VIP).

As it stands the premium speaker list includes:
C. Michael Pickens
Rob Wendt
Jordan Marlow
Andre Klass
Jim Turney
Admiral Gittleman
Wes Benedict
Adam Kokesh
Dan "Taxation is Theft" Behrman
Sourya Faas
Arvin Vohra
Joshua Smith
Mike Shipley
...with more to come!!!

Confirmed Breakout/ Seminars include:
Izzy Aly
Marc Golob
Nivine Zakhari
Omar Recuero
....with more to come!!!

We have chosen to begin meeting every 2 weeks until convention to ensure details do not get overlooked over the next few months. Chaz and I will be setting up a time to meet and get an inventory of previous convention materials. Having use of these materials will help to keep costs for the current convention down.
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