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Platform Committee Report - November 2019

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The Platform Committee met for the first time this month on Thursday (we meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month) to discuss our progress on the longform document. Out of the 12 sections we are working on, we are now on Section 8. My prediction is that we will have the first draft of the longform document completed by our second meeting in December.

Currently we are doing two things in addition to drafting the document: we are voting on a name, which is to be done by our meeting two weeks from now, and while writing the longform document we are also finding reccomendations for changing the shortform document at convention. Thus far, we have found a few grammatical and formatting errors, redundancies, and outdated language we would like to fix in the shortform document. This list won't be very long, as thus far we've identified about a dozen changes, most of them minor, that should happen. Besides that, we don't plan on changing the shortform document too much.

Beginning in January, we are also going to be meeting every week, rather than every other week, to discuss the final changes to the shortform document, as the previous Platform Committee did at the beginning of 2019. During this time, we will also be putting the pieces together of the longform document for formatting and editing the work we have done there. We are hoping to make these meetings a public and open forum and hope that members external to the committee are able to attend and give us their valuable feedback before convention.
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