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Region 2 Report - September 2019

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Four major updates for October (my apologies on seven days of tardiness, I had been traveling and out of reach of computers for some time).

1) Out of our 86 phone numbers for R2, I put in 25 calls last month to gauge interest in affiliating Washington or Jackson counties. No interest has been expressed, but given these results I have at least obtained updates for some of the numbers we have in the system.

2) Spoke to an NRA representative who was interested in co-organizing an outreach event for gun shows in R2, but ran into a problem in that he generally only goes to events in Bay County (which is already affiliated). It may be worth it to table at a Bay County event anyway given that R2 counties are sparse enough that a gun show in Panama City likely attracts people from adjacent counties.

3) I was asked if I might be interested in representing R1 instead of R2 given that I live in R1 and the R1 seat is empty. I am considering this position, but am giving myself at least until the end of November to find a replacement for me in Region 2 so that I don't leave these critical Panhandle counties empty.

4) Given that we have some historic data for the voter rolls going back to 2016, I am going to take a look at R2's general growth over the past three years. My understanding from a cursory look at the data are that most counties are exponentially gaining in LPF members, but that R2 may be an exception to this trend. After updating the eCanvasser files last month for R2, what was evident to me is that we hemorrhaged a number of registered voters to both Republicans and Democrats in the last presidential election cycle (ironically this is split about equally between the two larger parties). Before I leave, I'll be assembling a more general R2 report and packet for the LPF to hold onto.
#1 - October 25, 2019, 03:45:23 PM