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Region 2 Report - September 2019

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Several updates for this month:

1) I integrated the voter data from the voter CDs for Region 2 counties with eCanvasser to update our R2 voter rolls. A number of folks left, but we went from having ~20 phone numbers to now having 86 total. The breakdown in numbers are as follow:
Washington County- 24
Jackson County- 23
Gulf County- 16
Holmes County- 8
Franklin County- 7
Calhoun County- 6
Liberty- 2

Unfortunately I haven't finished phoning everyone, but have been updating based on disconnected numbers. There is a couple in Washington County who may be interested in affiliating.

2) As for emails, for every email we had in eCanvasser, as well as for ones pulled from the voter roll CDs (in total, fewer than 30), I sent out letters of interest for affiliating each county (aside from Liberty, who require a different kind of effort on my part). I haven't received anything back yet.

3) Not an R2 issue, but I was able to get email rolls for a number of Libertarian college organizations. Hopefully we can use those to boost volunteer numbers.
#1 - September 15, 2019, 05:17:44 PM