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LPF Affiliate Support Committee (ASC) Report for October 2019

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LPF Affiliate Support Committee (ASC) Report for October 2019

Held Committee Meeting September 26.
Discussed Treasurer's Quick Reference, resolving suggestions from Mr. Cadorette.
Mr. Korotzer will assist Mr. Deforest with Regional Reps Guide. He used the guide and has ideas and notes regarding additional things to include to be most effective.

Discussed Outreach boxes
Advised we obtained approval for up to $500 for the boxes
Order Nolan Charts Posters (30) from Advocates for Self Government as they are discounted below what we can reproduce for.Order 1,000 postcard sized Nolan Charts
See what additional items are needed and will be used
Gilmore and Sellers will ask R14 affiliates
Mr. Korotzer will ask R13 affiliates
Mr. Cadorette will ask R11 people
Determine price and possible vendors
Prepare budget proposal for next quarter
Determine how distributed
One method is to take to LPF Convention to distribute
Set up Nolan Chart poster at convention for hotel passersby, delegates, etc.
Mr. Cadorette will try to assist as he travels around the state.
Who receives?
Affiliates requesting

After beginning to incorporate the resolved comments in Treasurerís Quick Reference Guide, noticed another item. Made comment on the document and asked the committee to review the comments.

Treasurerís Guide - Treasurer and outgoing Treasurer met in person and handled onboarding, rather than having a conference call. On hold until they can set a time to discuss with the committee or provide written instructions/

Affiliate Support Committee Guide - S. Garber sent brief outline, need assignment.
Committee determined that the committee will focus on assisting others before assisting the committee with onboarding for itself.
Mr. Korotzer suggested for now creating a mission statement, something like mission is to assist affiliates, regions, Officers, and Directors with onboarding and management.

Directors Guide
S. Gilmore will start and confer with other directors after completion of Treasurerís Guide
Mr. Cadorette noted the corporate duties of the Directors
Fiduciary responsibility to assure that the laws and governing documents are followed
Provide financial oversight
Be a resource to the Treasurer regarding appropriateness of requests for expenditures.

The Nolan Chart items have been received.
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