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Region 6 Report - September

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September 2019, Region 6 Report

This month my time has been spent on working on a  project from Fundraising committee. I'm part of an  information gathering initiative, to gather statistical numbers that represent the buying power, which our membership spends annually on specific consumer goods; such as gun and accessories, cannabis and hemp derived products and prescious metals (gold, silver). I've been creating a process to gather this information and been working with other committees to best accomplish this task without overwhelming membership. A survey will be launched soon, followed by other additional methods of obtaining the desired statistical information.

Region Affiliate update

Citrus - Is still meeting regularly and working on building new interest as the county grows in population.
Lake - Is still meeting regularly and has reached 1k in their affiliate coffers!
Marion - I am in communication with the affiliate about obtaining the correct documents for re-affiliation. I'll be going to their next meeting to hopefully get the documents in hand, since digital efforts have fallen short in the success of securing the documents, since previously attending the last meeting of theirs.
Sumter - I'm in the process of setting up a get together with Lake, Marion and Citrus affiliate members in the Villages, Sumter county, to attract new members to start an affiliate there. The date of this meet up is still pending, I'm looking to have the meet up at a fall festival soon!
Levi - Next on the list to get an affiliate ball rolling.

This concludes my report. You can also find record of region 6 reports sent to the EC email and recorded on the EC calls.

In Liberty,

Ashley McCoy,
Region 6 Representative
#1 - September 16, 2019, 12:04:53 PM