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September Region 8 Report

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This has been a bit delayed, I apologize for that.  See below:

Hillsborough: Been active monthly meetings for multiple events (Feisty Fridays, monthly chapter meeting, and some others).  Been discussing the possibility of getting a booth at the Florida State Fairgrounds and have inquired on the cost, etc.  Will present this to the EC next month hopefully.

Pinellas: No new news to report.

Polk: Russ Wood just got out of the hospital from surgery, so he's fair inactive right now.  But in good health.  No new news to report for Polk.

Pasco: Been some contacts and people reaching out.  I have reached back out to them but have not had any return contact.

Hernando: All quiet on this front.
#1 - September 15, 2019, 05:32:22 PM