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August 2019 Report

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August 2019 Report

I have been very sick most of the month, and on the days I was not ill, I was slammed in my personal life trying to keep the family responsibilities afloat. Due to this, my activity as region representative has been regrettably minimal. I am on the upswing and hope to hit the ground running in the coming week. The following is a brief list of the things I was able to get done:

*Attended Escambia Countyís social meetup
*Replied to 3 volunteer inquiries forwarded from membership by email; will follow up with a phone call this week.
*Attended affiliate support committee meeting
*Attended fundraising committee meeting; I will be learning how to put together videos to assist with our upcoming fundraising drive. This will be a brand new skill for me, but Iím looking forward to learning and assisting the committee. In an effort to lead by example in the fundraising department, I have committed to a $25 recurring monthly donation to the LPF.
*I was unable to attend eCanvasser training, but I do have the recording and will be familiarizing myself with the program this week

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