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July / August Report

Discussion started on Communications Committee

Identified a CPU spike issue beginning in June which was caused nearly 400,000 hits to our Donations page, 10k to 15k hits daily. This was likely caused by one or more credit card number thieves testing the validity of card numbers. Adding a Captcha to the page stopped the attack immediately. Other steps have been taken to further strengthen the site.

About to implement SSL on affiliate sites to eliminate the "Not secure" notice seen on some browsers.

Still cleaning data in preparation for the proposed LP CRM implementation. Director Gilmore has spent many hours assisting Communications and Membership, which we appreciate.

Reviewing options to migrate away from GoDaddy email to a more robust and hopefully, less expensive option. Former Director Peele has been a great assistance.  The first batch of addresses expires in November, so I hope to have a recommendation for the September meeting with our budget.

Social media posts continue en masse on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Discussions are underway to re-establish the Newsletter.

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