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1.   The number of committee members continues to be concerning. I remain as LAC chair and Derek Ryan as LAC vice-chair. Nivine Zakhari continues as a member (even with her being Chair of the LAC Membership Committee). Ben Bachrach has joined us. I will note that the effectiveness of the LAC in discharging its responsibilities is directly proportional to the quality of the dialogue in our meetings. And the quality of the dialogue is, in turn, adversely affected by having a mere “minyan” membership. (In other words, the more the merrier).
2.   To improve the quality of our work, we have shamelessly solicited each member of the EC for suggestions for any of our major working categories: Bill Topics and Drafting (new material); Dirty Dozen (existing; Scrutiny; and Local Regs. We have received exactly one suggestion from members of the EC so far. (Maybe actual groveling by us would prompt more suggestions)
3.   Our regular meeting schedule is every other Monday, so we met on Monday, August 5.  As a result of that meeting, we will be e-mailing the all Florida Libertarian candidates for elective office known to the Candidate Committee or to the Secretary. We will ask the candidates to tell us: (a) which actual issues they think are resonating with the voters and (b) whether they think ballot-access is a problem for Libertarians. This information will help guide us in identifying which issues to focus on. (If this sounds as though we might be ignoring some of the more obscure provisions of the Libertarian Canon, that is exactly what we will be doing. After all, we have only very limited assets available to us).
4.   Also, Suzanne Gilmore (bless her !!) suggested at the meeting that we look at “ranked voting” as an LAC initiative. Additionally, I withdrew my proposed bill for “No Presumption of Constitutionality”, because it lacks “sizzle”. If there is a related Florida bill pending, maybe we can piggyback on that.
5.   We also wondered whether there was “secrecy” surrounding the bill-drafting requests from legislators (as in NH) and wondered whether that should be open to public scrutiny under the Sunshine Law.
6.   We added to our agenda a possible “dollar minimum” for any asset-forfeiture actions by the State or any of its subdivisions.
7.   Thanks to committee member Nivine Zakhari, we noted the following resources and mention them here for the record: (a) the NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF STATE LEGISLATURES is a good source for review of possible or pending legislation: (b) ACCOUNTABLE.COM and TRACKBILL.COM are also useful; (c) MUNICODE.COM/FL is good for tracking local regulations;
8.   LP Vice Chair Spenser Garber advised us that he is available for any Tallahassee work we might need done. This is generous, for sure.  (He should be mindful of what he is setting himself up for).
9.   Ben Bachrach reminded us of the “Shadow Government” practice in Britain. He suggested that our county affiliates (and the EC, for that matter) might specify  Libertarian  individuals to focus on the actions of individual County Commissioners (or State Constitutional Officers) on an ongoing basis and to develop an overt relationship with them. We become part of The Conversation that way.
10.   We discussed developing a rating system to evaluate all Florida legislators, but were concerned that we simply did not have the resources for such an undertaking. Also, a positive ranking might seem to suggest that we would endorse the actual election of that legislator.
11.   We are approaching the Fall filing season for legislative bills. In any case, our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 19.

In liberty,
Larry Gillis, Chair LPF LAC
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