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July Candidates Comm report

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reposting of July Candidates Comm report, now also in text:

Chair’s report to the LPF EC meeting of July 21, 2019

A Candidate Committee meeting was held on July 15, 2019, via the platform. 
Lisa Barfield has graciously agreed to assist the Candidates Committee with research projects as her time permits. Two projets have been identified:
~ to determine what state house districts had unopposed candidates in 2018.
~ survey elected officials’ online bios in a cross-section of city sizes and geographic region for their history with a civic group or on an appointed citizen advisory board.
Volunteers for other such projects are needed.
I’m still negotiating with eCanvasser over their pricing jump of over 20% per voter above the 100k threshold of our LPF subscription. They quoted $500 per month for 125,000 records with a 20% discount for paying annually. That’s a non-starter, of course….more later.
An announced Republican candidate for 7th CD in central FL, Armani Salado, abandoned his campaign in May then recently posted on Facebook that he was switching registration to LPF. I have spoken to his campaign manager and communications director but not been able to get a response from Mr Salado.  I will continue to reach out. According to DoE records, he lives with his parents and two older sisters here in Seminole County.
I have had meetings and steady communications with potential and announced LPF candidate for 2020.
There is nothing new to report on the 2022 ballot access project or the candidate intake and vetting process development.

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