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Affiliate Support Committee (ASC) Report for 2019 July

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Affiliate Support Committee (ASC)
Report for 2019 July

Continued on-boarding of new Secretary, who is taking notes which we will provide much additional material that needs inclusion.

Next meeting will be July 18th. Updated new members on what we were doing, got volunteers and assignments for updating guides for Affiliates, Secretary, and Regional Reps. Prepared agenda and minutes, made working copies of documents and distributed as necessary. Located or obtained NDAs for all current committee members. Sent template for NDA to prospective member and processed when obtained.

J. Hall advised of broken link for Treasurer's Cheatsheet in Affiliate Manual. Document no longer in committee folder. Contacted G. Peele, who provided a recent one with no logo. Copied link into guide. Will review Treasurer's Cheatsheet along with other documents.

Will start Treasurer's guide when caught up with revisions. LPF Chair requested that that be the next guide to develop.

Next meeting Thursday July 18th.

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