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Audit Committee Report - June / July

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Met thrice since June EC Meeting: July 3, July 11, July 16

Among ongoing projects:
1. Chair will prepare final list of LPF Contract Attorney candidates, create ad hoc committee to review, interview, recommend to EC ASAP. PENDING CHAIR INTERVIEWS

2. Chair to provide LNC Convention Post Mortem sample(s) DONE

3. Audit to create LPF Convention Post Mortem template based on 2. IN PROGRESS

4. Draft Motion - Convention to prepare 2018 Test Post Mortem based on 3. COMPLETE AL1

5. AL2 to review Crown Plaza contract, determine if LPF Bylaw requirements were met NO DISCREPANCIES NOTED AS YET

6. AL1 / AL3 to review QB reporting to establish basis for Annual LPF Budget IN PROGRESS

7. With Rules, draft Bylaw to enshrine Annual Budget Process (See Sample) DRAFT UNDER REVIEW

8. Evaluate FDOE vs FFEC reporting PENDING

9. Identify discrepancies in FEC reporting vs Bank Statements PENDING

10. Documented LPF Compilation Report does meet DoE standards for an official annual Audit

11. Draft Motion to Make Changes to Standing Rules ARTICLE IX Proprietary Use of ‘LPF’
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