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May/June Report

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  • Spoke with Dr. Lark, LNC rep, about campus affiliates (5/8)
  • Met with the Region 1 Representative (5/7)
  • Met with the Escambia Chair (5/7)
  • Helped build committees (5/6-5/7)
  • Set up spreadsheet to keep track of committee projects (5/8)
  • Continued setting up ECanvasser (5/5-5/20)
  • Performed soft launch of ECanvasser (5/20)
  • Performed EC onboarding (5/23)
  • Assisted confirming Committee placements (5/23-5/25)
  • Attended Communications Committee meeting (6/2)
  • Attended Committee Chair meeting (6/2)
  • Finished up precinct data for 2016 election (6/10-6/16)
  • Attended LAC meeting (6/13)
  • Attended ASC meeting (6/13)
  • Attended Membership meeting (6/28)

Future plans include ECanvasser training (coming later in July), campus affiliates and increased youth outreach (coming at the start of the fall semester), updating the LPedia (which I have been informed has frequently been used by media outlets, and ours is severely out of date), and helping affiliate more of the panhandle, along with assisting affiliates in becoming stable and creative. I also plan to dig back into that precinct data, adding maps and in-depth analysis of what types of voters live where, cross-referencing it with voter rolls.
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