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October 2018 Report

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Officer: Martha Bueno
Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade, Monroe
One candidate for State House of Representatives is set to appear in District 108, Riquet Caballero, who was recently covered by the Miami Herald and by John Stossel on Reason Magazine. He is running against one Democratic candidate and has been endorsed by former Hialeah Mayor Julio Martinez.
Three candidates are running for local offices in Miami-Dade County this November. A single victory out of the three seats. The Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County is expecting to score at least two victories, pushing the number of elected officials to 13.
The Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County has obtained a canvassing contract with a local developer, offering to handle a door to door campaign on behalf of the developer to bring support to a commercial project prior to a crucial zoning vote. This comes at the heel of two major zoning lobbying firms offering financial support to a pro-development campaign by the party.
The Whitman Family Development, of Bal Harbour Shops and Brickell City Center, has joined the ranks of the party, pledging support for future projects across Region 14.
Rep. Bueno has launched the basis of a campaign with civil libertarian organizations, offering to raise funds for the party to post bond for individuals incarcerated for victimless crimes.
Rep. Bueno will be sponsoring an event with MTV on election night at Miami-Dade College to outreach to students.
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