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The Affiliate Support Committee kicked off its first meeting on Wednesday, October 10 via conference call. Each committee member presented an overview of affiliate activities and issues in their general area.

Our main focus was deciding how to organize and approach creating documentation products - initially the County Affiliate Guide and the Affiliation Checklist - and selected shared Google Docs as the technical method. Once the documentation is completed and approved by the committee, we will then post it to the LPF Website as HTML and also compile a printable PDF version; the shared documents will be retained for ongoing edits.

We also decided to have each committee member sign the LPF NDA since we will all potentially be reviewing membership data and credentials. Signed NDA documents will be kept on file due to the ongoing CRM transition.

Jordan Bosserman presented on his Roots of Liberty project intended to explore training and empowering affiliates in the North Central Florida area on best practices to actually recruit members, advocate Libertarian positions at city councils and county commissions, present themselves well at events, and so on.  The actual execution of this project is outside the scope of this committee, but we agreed it would worthwhile to capture useful results on what does and doesn't work in the County Affiliate Guide and other training documents.

Greg Peele conducted a Treasurer training class for the Libertarian Party of Columbia on October 8. In support of this he also presented a Treasurer Cheat Sheet reference document for review and inclusion in the training materials.

Greg Peele also presented a draft of a county affiliate public marketing tri-fold brochure originally designed for the Orange County affiliate but intended to be easily customizable for every affiliate. So far the Columbia and Brevard affiliates have requested and obtained a copy.

Finally, we reviewed the first draft of the Affiliation Checklist and are iterating on it to prepare a document that is easy for affiliates, for the Secretary, and for volunteers to understand and use. In review, we realized is that there are two different kinds of requirements we are analyzing: the first smaller set is the requirements and duties the LPF is required to enforce to charter the affiliate, and the second larger set is the legal requirements defined by the State on the affiliate itself and their governing documents, which is not technically the LPF's responsibility to enforce since is it between the affiliate and their Supervisor of Elections - though we definitely want to advise the affiliates on how to remain in compliance to avoid legal challenges. We will be splitting the document so that only the first minimum set is actually enforced by the LPF, while the second set regarding governing documents will be an advisory opinion provided to affiliates that we can help them on at their request. We are coordinating with Philippe Cadorette to make sure these guidelines are consistent with the Rules Committee interpretations - Philippe serves on both committees.

The plans for next month include defining and approving a committee charter to specify our scope and procedures within the framework of the authorization Executive Committee motion, formally electing a committee secretary, reviewing and hopefully approving the Affiliate Checklist, and continue work on updating the County Affiliate Guide and other training materials. Vice-Chair Recuero also suggested a good organizational topic to review - identifying and documenting the advantages and disadvantages of multi-county affiliates such as the former Northwest Florida LP, and determining whether it is possible for them to be legally compliant with all statutes and requirements, particularly in light of the inquiry raised by the Broward affiliate.
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How would an affiliate contact the committee for assistance?

#2 - October 28, 2018, 08:50:49 PM

Char-Lez -

I have asked Communications to set up an email address for the committee. Thinking about it, I also need to make sure we're up on the website. Will need to follow up on that.

Beyond that, the intent is more that affiliates would go to their Region Representative first, who then would contact us if they didn't know how to handle the inquiry. But a direct line of contact may make sense if the Region Representative is being nonresponsive.

Thoughts on how we should communicate this to affiliates?

I'm not aware of any good mechanism to distribute any information to all affiliates at once...
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There is no single channel to all affiliates that I'm aware of.  Email is as close as you can get.

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