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April 2019 Report

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My activities for the past month have included the following:

-Submitted reaffiliation paperwork for Santa Rosa County as LPSRC Secretary/Treasurer to LPF secretary along with audit, which was also sent to Santa Rosa County SOE.
-Assisted Okaloosa County with their audit and paperwork needs and made sure they could submit on time to reaffiliate.
-Attended affiliate EC meeting and semi annual business meeting for Santa Rosa County, where I was reelected as treasurer, and Spenser Garber was reelected as chair.
-Assisted with delegate credentialing for convention, as part of my duties as an Affiliate Support Committee member.
-Participated fully in Affiliate Support Committee calls, communications, and email votes
-Organized a Florida chapter Mises Caucus organizational meeting to be held during convention, as LPMC Region 2 representative
-Communicated with two Walton County libertarians, still looking to find enough interested folks to start an affiliate there
-Set a tentative date for a regional meeting, May 25. I will update as the date, time, and location for that meeting is solidified.

Escambia County Update, from Thai Heiler (LPEC Chair)
1. Created new affiliate logo
2. Created affiliate welcome letter
3. Increased bank balance
4. Created lists from voter logs and will disseminate lists for cold calls at the next business meeting on May 11th
5. Damian Guillen has agreed to be Secretary so they will hold a special election for that. This will give them a full EC.
6. Successful "Meet Your Neighbor Night" socials have added six new members to their rolls this month.
7. Notified state party to update map listing an active Escambia County affiliate
8. Inquired about monies from the old Escambia County affiliate, but have not had any success locating that.

Julia Hall, Region 1 Representative

#1 - April 28, 2019, 06:59:54 PM