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Audit Committee Meeting Minutes 4/3/19

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Audit Committee Meeting

Call to order at 9:30PM

Attendance: Steven Nekhaila, David Salisbury, Omar Recuero, Chaz Sanders, and Marc Golob

Discussed QuickBooks reconciliations and giving audit committee members limited access

Discusses quarterly P&Lís for internal Party budget reporting

Discussed making the audit committee a standing committee

Treasurer working on making the FEC reports waiver only as there is no Federal Fund activity, the audit committee shall audit the
Treasurer quarterly for the quarterly DoE reports

Discussed ex-officio members such as the Treasurer, and not making many EC members a requirement: 3 members plus the 2 ex-officio members

Reports to the EC every quarter with the results of the audit and any recommendations and best practices as well as a convention report

Motion to create a standing committee with a minimum of 3 members and two ex-officio members being the Treasurer and Vice Chair moved by David Salisbury, Seconded by Omar Reuero. Passed unanimously.

Discussed looking for limited user logins for Stripe.

Motion to adjourn: by David Salisbury, Seconded by Omar Recuero
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