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LPF Region 13 Report for April 22th, 2019

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LPF Region 13 Report for April 22th, 2019

Region 13 Activities

Attended regular March LPF EC conference call.
Reminded Broward and Palm Beach affiliates of May Convention.
Checked to be sure that Broward and Palm Beach affiliates had handled re-affiliation.
Palm Beach County is conducting a fundraiser, asking for $5/month to help support and elect local Libertarians in 2020.
Continued contact and discussion with people from Hendry County about affiliating.
Attended Broward March EC meeting in Pompano Beach and a Social night in Tamarac.
Administered FB page for Hendry County.
Forwarded any new LPF members, volunteers, and candidates' info to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates.
Provided notification of LPF regular EC conference call to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates and to interested persons in Hendry.

Local LPMD Activities

Attend C.O.W. Meeting for organizing affiliate's ABM.
Prepared agenda for ABM.
Attended LPMD Annual Business Meeting (ABM) at “Little House” in Kendall, April 16th. Was elected by the delegates as convention Secretary, to handle Minutes of meeting during absence of Secretary. Credentialed all precinct delegates.  Presented a necessary LPMD rules amendment to remove a section with contrary provisions to LP Bylaws. Currently preparing published minutes. Was re-elected as a precinct delegate.
Created and published agenda for March 9th rescheduled meeting.

Other LPF Volunteer Activities

Affiliate Support Committee

Completed final draft of affiliation manual, presented to committee.  Committee approved.
Sent copy to Brent  DeRidder, he expressed his approval.
Advised committee member of how to credential delegates without the CRM's being available.
Requested Communications Committee post 6 essential documents for affiliates on the website.

Membership Committee

Attended 2 committee conference calls.
Discussed ECanvasser imports with committee chair.
Requested that we consider allowing LP to continue setting up their version of CiviCRM with our data, so that we will have a back-up and ability to see which of our members are donating to LP, and the database is cost free to us. Volunteered to follow up to completion.


Processed all new LPF member applications (21) between March 16th and April 20th.
Reminded Rules Committee of the rule that was passed last ABM after we had moved considerable content, causing the rule number for the motion no longer to match where the related content fell, and to be unrelated to the content in the currently adopted article and section. It needs to be moved or otherwise considered and resolved.
Assisted Rules Committee with formatting motions for Bylaws amendments for ABM.
Attended conference call regarding immediate convention concerns.

Ongoing Projects

Continue to meet with both current affiliates regularly.
Continue to develop strategy for affiliation for Hendry County.
Be a conduit for information, interests, and concerns between the R13 affiliates and LPF EC.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible.
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