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2019 April

Discussion started on Rules Committee

There are 4 constitutional proposals on the website, bylaws are being worked on, and finally: 
610 c:
Article XIII   
Section 1:

   The Libertarian Party of Florida may provide financial and logistical campaign support, and conduct campaign activities only for Certified official Libertarian Candidates as defined by Article IX in the LPF Constitution.
   Section 2. The Executive Committee is responsible for approving candidates who are recommended by the Selection Committee to run for public office. Candidates who have been both recommended by the Selection Committee and approved by the Executive Committee shall be known as Certified Libertarian Candidates. Certified Libertarian Candidates are eligible to receive financial and logistical campaign support from the LPF in accordance with applicable Florida and Federal law, and strictly at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the LPF in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules. The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority to authorize contributions to political candidates from LPF party funds, formally endorse statewide candidates for political office, and approve LPF contractual agreements with candidate campaigns. Logistics support and any other non-financial assistance to candidates may be provided by committees and Executive Committee members at their discretion in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules.
   Section 3. County executive committees may endorse, certify, screen, or otherwise recommend one or more official Libertarian candidates as defined in the LPF Constitution for party nomination for election by majority vote of the county executive committee at any business meeting called with proper notice prior to the qualifying date(s) for the candidate(s) per the requirements of F.S. 103.121(4). This section only applies to LPF partisan political candidates prior to the qualifying period and does not limit the county executive committee in any way regarding non-partisan candidates.

   Section 4. The Executive Committee shall make party nominations for political office when required by law, such as to replace a candidate that withdrew after becoming the party nominee, at the next business meeting after receiving notice that such nomination is required. Any LPF member that would meet meets the criteria to be for an official Libertarian candidate may be nominated for consideration by any member of the Executive Committee member. The nominee receiving a majority vote at the business meeting, if any, shall become the party's nominee for the office. "None of the Above" shall be an option for the nomination, and no nomination will be made if "None of the Above" receives a majority vote. Should "None of the Above" win the election, the floor shall be open again for nominations, and none of the losing nominees shall be nominated again. The EC shall continue these elections until it elects a nominee.
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