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Feb Vice Chair Report 2019

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Feb 2019 report

February into the beginning of March has very  been busy

LPF work and activism

 Communication and collaboration continues among several EC members and Officers(Ongoing).

- Donated to #LevelUpLPF and continue to promote it.

- Traveled to Tallahassee with The Treasurer and Rep Salisbury to go before the FLEC on behalf of the LPF.

- Attended the LP Columbia County annual convention.
---- Great to meet everyone from there including an elected LPF Mayor.
------I was joined by the LPF Chair, the LPF fundraising Chair Marc Golob and At Large Director Chris Rose
and Commissioner Jim Turney and Rep Jmark.

- Attended the LP Volusia executive committee meeting and social.
---- They are doing really well and have events planned and a candidate. I maybe able to return to volunteer
 once before convention. I told them I will do the best I can because I have a very busy travel schedule.

- Attended the Broward LP meeting, they had a speaker who's topic was about digital privacy.
--- In attendance was their mayoral candidate from Coral Springs, a well spoken gentleman with a good
presentation. He will be running again, I am very excited for my old affiliate.

At every affiliate meeting I have received and continue to receive feedback from the Chairs.
- Spoke with the Secretary to continue to offer assistance with her duties, while she begins a
recovery process and to update her on important LPF  matters. At the same she expressed concerns
and difficultly reaching certain people. So, the progress is ongoing there. I thank her for hearing some
of the same concerns that have been brought to me.

- Presided over the last half of the Feb EC call because the Chair dropped off.
-I continue to forward  emails from National to their respected regions.
-Participated in the LPF Special meeting on March 10 in Lake City.
-Submitted my constitutionally required report.

- participated on several Platform calls and assisting the committee to prepare their convention report.
- LAC unfortunately is having a problem reaching quorum and lack of participation when they do.
---The Chair is asking for help in order for the committee to complete it's work.
 - Affiliate Support did not formally meet however, lots ongoing work there, the Chair has return from holiday.
- Lots of ongoing work in Rules and almost daily communication with Chairman Cadorette.
---Rules is somewhere I am spending most of my time when not traveling in preparation for May.
- Spoke with the candidates Chair a few times, he showed me a list he is keeping.
- Spoke with communications Chair a few times, he is working on convention items. I have offered to 
---help and it will be a focal point between now and convention.
- Have begun discussion in the newly formed Audit committee.

Ongoing Projects and Notes   
- I have been appointed to an LNC committee, my first one.

- Ben Bachrach from region 12 is on the IT committee.
- Jim Turney from region 9 is on candidates support and JC

- Trying to help LPF members get to convention one way or another.

- Looking to help regional reps and Directors At Large with social media and reach out in
unaffiliated counties.

- Still pushing to facilitate communication between Officers and all committee Chairs.
--- Also offering anyone a free conference call number to use and host and record their respected
---- committee meetings.(LAC is using it)

- Once again attended my Local civic association meeting. The Bond that was on the ballot unfortunately passed
and taxes have gone up in the city of Hollywood.

Thanks again to Director Rose, Sect. Hicks, Rep Gilmore, Rep Gillis, Rep Barfield and LPF Treasurer Nekhelia.

Thoughts and Concerns             
(-) The amount of money being spent ahead of time versus our operating funds is fiscally irresponsible for convention.

(-)I don't understand the convention committee, it seems everyone but them is actually working on the convention,
this is an unacceptable practice.

(-) There maybe action(s) that either the LPF EC, the LPF Chair or LPF committees did not act on or
complete or report from previous motions that were adopted. That's called accountability or lack of.
We cannot be concerned about what may happen or how it may affect our reputation(s)/standing
among our active members if we choose to hold one another accountable. (We have a working list now)**

(-)The LPF convention.
48 days away.

(-)Reports where they? Too many are missing, empty or are posted very late. Again, accountability.

(-)Committee composition maybe a problem. However the real problem lies within our Bylaws
which are handicapping us.

( )Some committees have shaky participation. My presence helped make quorum for a given committee(s)
meeting on more than one occasion again. This is not getting better since Jan.

() Some regions seem to connect better with their reps than others. We have to be willing to take the first
step in offering help and facilitate better communication.

(+) I would like to see more affiliates. It may feel like a bit of a slow down, there are no big elections
pending but now is the time to throw events to get LPF members excited about the future and
start planning for that. (Still pushing this)

(+) Looking forward to the LPF convention and visiting affiliates

This report is Final.
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