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LPF Region 13 Report for March 17th, 2019

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LPF Region 13 Report for March 17th, 2019

Region 13 Activities

Attended regular February LPF EC conference call.
Sent notice to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates reminding of the March 31 deadline and including a link to the new editable Petition to Affiliate form.
Broward candidate, Kurt Gardner, ran for Coral Springs Mayor, with support of the affiliate. Election held 03/12/2019. Mr. Gardner received 5.50 % of the votes in a four way race.
Assisted Broward with requirements for completion of re-affiliation paperwork. Sent them a sample of an annual audit that Greg Poole had provided to the Affiliation Support Committee and a copy of the checklist to help them know what they need to do (most officers are new officers this year).  Reminded to send audit to SOE.  Reviewed final submission.
Continued contact and discussion with people from Hendry County about affiliating and suggested an alternate way to approach by holding socials before creating affiliate.
Attended Broward Feb EC meeting.
Palm Beach promoted a gathering in favor of term limits.
Administered FB page for Hendry County, Getting good responses than previously.
Forwarded any new LPF members, volunteers, and candidates' info to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates.
Provided notification of LPF regular EC conference call to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates and to interested persons in Hendry.
Attended meeting for Regional Reps regarding fundraising. Began planning on approach. Had a phone call with Fundraising Chair. Sent fundraising info to both affiliates, asked for their best participation. Donated on behalf of the region and thanked those in region who have donated.
Acted as intermediary between Miami-Dade and Broward affiliates for a citizen in North Miami-Dade seeking a speaker.
Reminded Broward affiliate, Palm Beach affiliate, and contacts in Hendry that the LPF convention is coming up and provided registration information. Reminded them that someone needs to consider running for regional rep for the upcoming year.

Local LPMD Activities

Attended LPMD regular meeting at John Martin's in Coral Gables, Feb. 11. Accepted request from Chair to handle Minutes of meeting during absence of Secretary. Prepared and published minutes.  Started agenda for March 9th rescheduled meeting.

Other LPF Volunteer Activities

Affiliate Support Committee

Discussed the affiliate manual with Brent deRidder, the author of an alternate manual. Got his approval for us to use his as we deem appropriate. Requested and obtained the text documents (I had been working from graphic document).
Assembled the documents provided by Mr. de Ridder into a single document, created a working copy, started editing for our needs. Adding in all those things that the party and the DOE need here in FL to start an affiliate.  Have completed all pages of the manual and made a few notes of things still want to add.
Obtained the sample affiliate constitution and bylaws from Chaz Sanders. Placed in the committee's template folder. Will make sure that the LPF Secretary has copies, as well, and will link to permanent site for affiliation manual.

Processed all new LPF member applications (13) between February 12thth and March 15th.

Ongoing Projects

Continue to meet with both current affiliates regularly.
Continue to develop strategy for affiliation for Hendry County.
Be a conduit for information, interests, and concerns between the R13 affiliates and LPF EC.
Attend events of affiliates whenever possible.
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